Claes-Berend van der Kolk
“For stepping farther you must go deeper”

Regression therapy and familyconstellations

As a regression therapist I go with you towards the ‘in statu nascendi’, the source of the blockade. This is trauma therapy and if there has been trauma or not is not defined by your memories of it, but by the struggles you deal with. Everybody has struggles, everybody has had trauma.

As a family constellator we go to the disfunctional influences of the relationships and systems you were part of. Beside the love and constructive influences, all families had a disfunctional and often even traumatical influence on all members.

You carry the pain of your past with you. And the good news is… it can be healed.

In my sessions I highly integrate both approaches. For instance; we can do a constellation with your mother and while standing in a constellation, I could ask you to close your eyes and go to the first time you were in a situation like this. That might bring up a situation in your childhood or even in another lifetime. No experience is to be left out, everything is to be examined.

The goal is relieve. The goal is your transformation. Your freedom.

Practical information

My practice is in Amersfoort, Netherlands. People from around the country, from Europe and even from the rest of the world visit me. When you have to travel far we can arrange 3-5 sessions in one week in The Netherlands or at your place. Price session € 150,- ex. taxes.

Training and workshops

I have educated people in my approach with constellations and regression for the last 22 years. My students call me passionate and energetic with humour. I like to make it look easy and transparent.

I’ve been teaching professionals the skills of leading organisational- and family constellations,  and in advanced learning going into the constellation skills they already have. Like working together with horses, listening to the contribution of nature, implementing these skills in their practice as coach, therapist or consultant. And I teach people to dig deeper into the subconscious memories of their clients and help them to heal experiences that have treir origins beyond their usual memories (Tasso skills).

Nowadays I combine constellations with regression therapy. With the utmost respect to both approaches and using them together as one integrated method.


  • An introduction workshop takes 3-8 hours.
  • A training to teach regressiontherapists to use constellations as professional will take another 4 days.
  • And finally, the advanced Deeper Levels® training will also take 4 days. 

Anything to bring peace.

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